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Quality Service Revolution in Commercial Kitchen Equipment Engineering Industry
Visit:729 Date:2019-06-14
As an important area related to everyone's diet, the commercial kitchen equipment industry is undergoing a subtle revolution. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the public, the diversified demand for catering is growing, which leads to the most important kitchen infrastructure in restaurants and hotels: commercial kitchen equipment, and the introduction of multi-technology products and multi-directional development. The specific breakdown of this development is divided into:
Commercial kitchen equipment engineering industry is undergoing a product quality appreciation revolution
1. Product quality improvement
As customers demand more and more food hygiene, and the Ming Kitchen (opening the kitchen directly in front of the restaurant or the restaurant, let customers have a clearer understanding of the food production process to show the clean and tidy food processing process The popularity of commercial kitchen equipment engineering requires the addition of "simple, beautiful" design requirements on the basis of the original "can be used, not bad". This puts higher demands on the products of commercial kitchen equipment and kitchen equipment engineering.
2. Points for attention in the renovation of commercial kitchen equipment engineering
Commercial kitchen engineering has three sides, namely wall, top and floor. The kitchen kitchen decoration waterproof can not be ignored, the commercial kitchen engineering circuit should be done well, the commercial kitchen lighting should be selected, safe and hygienic, easy to use, energy saving
3. Improvement of the total market volume
According to the data, the market size of China's kitchenware industry reached 160 billion yuan in 2015, and the long-term forecast will continue to rise. So far, the main market for commercial kitchen equipment worldwide has been concentrated in developed countries and regions such as the United States, Japan and Europe, and with the rise of the concept of "Internet +" in Chinese industry, it will gain a larger market share in the future.
4. Improvement of service quality
For the catering industry, commercial kitchen equipment engineering is the engine of a restaurant, so when the modern kitchen utensils fail, the requirements for the service response speed and repair capacity are higher. Chuangxin kitchen equipment integrates kitchen equipment and engineering. In addition to providing better products, whether it can provide customers with satisfactory after-sales service has become a decisive factor for enterprises to take the lead in the market.
5. Multi-functional products are further accepted by the market
Commercial kitchen equipment featuring versatility and simple operation is constantly being accepted by the market. This kind of intelligent commercial kitchen equipment has been widely used in some developed countries. For example, in Japan, only one machine can correspond to various cooking such as “bake”, “steam”, “boil”, “煲”, “fried”. The method of universal steam oven sales is quite hot. The reasons for this are: the ability to make high-quality dishes without the need for technology, and the increasing accuracy of temperature management. In the past, this type of universal steaming oven was generally oriented toward hotels and hotels, but recently, such as small-scale franchised stores and chain stores, it has gradually begun to be introduced. Especially for newly opened stores, the ratio of introducing universal steaming ovens is quite large. China's high-quality universal steam oven is currently limited to a few foreign brands. It can be seen that this market share is actually quite promising.

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