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Water tank

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Thermal insulation water tank
Stainless steel water tank
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Product description: Stainless steel water tank project
1. Stainless steel water tank project safety, health and environmental protection
The stainless steel combined water tank is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, which is safe and non-toxic. It is fully enclosed and assembled to completely block the sunlight and not to breed algae. The water quality is kept clean at all times. Its venting hole has multiple layers of dust protection, which can prevent dust from falling into the tank. The unique advanced water inlet device not only prevents water disturbance, but also reduces noise.
2. High strength and excellent seismic performance
The stainless steel has high strength and is formed by hydraulic single-die molding, which has good forming, small internal stress, high precision and no wear on the surface. The yield strength of stainless steel is 1.5 times that of carbon steel and 6 times that of FRP, showing good characteristics for shock resistance and impact resistance.
3, high temperature resistance, meet fire protection needs
Compared with FRP water tanks, stainless steel water tanks have a very high temperature resistance and are fully compliant with fire protection requirements.
4, any combination, easy to install on site
The stainless steel combined water tank can be designed, manufactured and assembled according to customer requirements. The tank size can be any combination between 0.125-1000 cubic meters. The stainless steel water tank adopts the installation method of split transportation and on-site welding, and adopts internal welding technology, so the water tank can be placed on the wall on three sides, which is very important for customers with limited space.
The user has insulation requirements and needs to be specified.

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