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How does the hood need to be maintained?
Visit:2101 Date:2019-06-17
Range hood is a must-use kitchen appliance, especially some cooking modes such as stir-fry. If it is not discharged in time, it will not only cause long-term accumulation of soot, it is not easy to clean, and a lot of oil smoke is also very good for health. Great impact.
Since the range hood is used almost every day, of course, maintenance is indispensable. Frequent maintenance of the range hood not only keeps the range hood often strong, but also greatly extends the life of the range hood.
So what are the tips for hood maintenance? Let's take a look. The range hood is the guarantee of the hygiene of the kitchen. For the use and maintenance of the range hood, the following questions should be noted:
1. The power hood of the range hood must use a dedicated socket with a reliable ground wire.
2. Install the range hood according to the instructions. The general installation height should not be lower than 650mm, as far as possible, directly above the stove;
3. The range hood should be turned on for 1-2 minutes before cooking to obtain better smoke removal effect;
4. Before replacing the bulb and cleaning the range hood, the plug should be unplugged to cut off the power;
5. When replacing the lamp, the power should not exceed the maximum value indicated in the vicinity of the lamp holder and the manual. Otherwise, the temperature rise of the wires and the lamp holder connecting the lamp holder will be too high, and the insulation of the wire insulation will be accelerated, which may cause potential danger of electric shock. Even causing a fire;
6. Clean the oil wheel and the inner cavity of the air passage and the inner and outer surfaces of the machine frequently according to the requirements of the manual. Use neutral detergent and soft cloth when cleaning to avoid damage to the surface or coating of the outer casing;
7. When the oil in the oil cup is accumulated until the eighth point is full, discard it to avoid overflow;
8. After cooking, continue to power on for 1-2 minutes to completely drain the residual fumes.

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