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Shenzhen Chuangxin Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in hotel kitchen equipment, stainless steel kitchen equipment, induction cooker, and is a well-known Shenzhen kitchen manufacturer. The company is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen with convenient transportation and developed logistics.

Professional production: stainless steel frying furnace, environmental protection energy-saving induction cooker, three-door seafood steaming cabinet, water heater, electric steaming rice cabinet, iron room and various white iron projects, dust-free purification workshop, industrial oven, negative pressure fan, cooling curtain, Environmental protection air conditioner, water tower, environmentally friendly lampblack purifier, solar energy, air energy water heater, environmental water tank, stainless steel doors and windows, stair railings, stainless steel security net, water and electricity installation, indoor and outdoor decoration works.

The company has strong technical strength, professional development, design and technical personnel, skilled engineering installation team, and superb maintenance technicians. The kitchen products produced by the company and the kitchen equipment projects undertaken by the company follow the avant-garde concept of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, health and advanced. With high-quality products, perfect after-sales service and reasonable price, we have won the support and recognition of our customers.

Looking forward to the future, Chuangxin will further uphold the spirit of “strict management, quality, brave development, and going global”, down-to-earth, burying a few, working hard to innovate, providing better products to the society and providing better services to users. For the company to strive for more benign development, to provide quality environmental protection and energy-saving kitchen utensils for every customer, reasonable price, is the purpose of Chuangxin kitchen equipment enterprises!

Maintenance items: various kitchen utensils, stoves, electrical equipment, refrigeration equipment, food processing machines, etc. in shopping malls, factories, office buildings, hotels, etc.

Maintenance items: various kitchen utensils, stove pipes, valves, periodic leak detection, electrical insulation testing of various electrical equipment, refrigeration equipment.

Cleaning items: kitchen hoods, pipes, ventilation equipment, electrostatic fume removal equipment, refrigeration equipment.

Sales accessories: Chinese and Western kitchen utensils, tableware, steel, various kitchen accessories, refractory bricks, refractory mud, refrigeration equipment accessories, food machinery parts.

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Shenzhen Chuangxin Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.
Contact:Mr.Du 13538043893
         Mr.Du 18038119166 
Add:No. 232, Pinglong East Road, Pinghu Town, Shenzhen (ie opposite the Aiwen School)

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