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Water tank

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Combined water tank
Glass water tank equipment
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Product Name: FRP Water Tank
Product Description: SMC combined water tank is a new type of water tank commonly used in the world. It is assembled from the overall quality SMC tank plate. Its unique performance solves the problems of large weight, easy leakage of the concrete water tank, easy corrosion of the moss and steel water tank, and pollution of the water from the rust-proof coating. It has high strength, no leakage, light weight and beautiful appearance. Long service life and easy installation. SMC combined water tank is suitable for public buildings such as industrial and mining, enterprises, public housing, hotels and restaurants. As domestic water, water treatment, fire water and other water storage facilities.
SMC FRP water tank is made by mechanical forming method. It is treated by high temperature and high pressure to improve the compressive strength and service life. In the shape design, the convexity of the center of the plate is convex, which improves the pressure bearing capacity of the water tank.
The specifications of the water tank plate are 1000×1000mm, 1000×500mm and 500×500mm.
Selection instructions
1. The size and connection size of the water tank should be provided when ordering.
2. It is advisable to use a storage temperature of 4-80 °C. When the water storage temperature of the high pipe position and the pipe diameter are at this value, it can be proposed at the time of ordering and separately solved.
3. The load on the ground of the water tank shall be subject to the approval of the structural designer.
4. When the water tank connection position provided by the user is just at the seam of the board, the company needs to adjust it and the pipe diameter is unchanged (no further notice to the user).
Installation and acceptance
1. When installing, leave a maintenance passage of not less than 700 mm between the box and the wall. The top of the box and the bottom of the box are not less than 500 meters.
2. When constructing the civil works, make the piers first, and the joints between the plates of the bottom of the tank should be placed on the buttress
Scope of application: Application range: SMC FRP water tank can be used for life, fire, civil air, sewage treatment, etc.

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