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What should we pay attention to in the use of kitchen equipment
Visit:1754 Date:2019-06-10
What should I pay attention to when purchasing kitchenware?
In the home life, the kitchen can be said to be the most used place. Cabinet design is directly related to the comfort and convenience of future use. So, what issues do you need to pay attention to when purchasing cabinets, and how to reduce the regrets of future use?
Hardware brand model is written into the contract
Mr. Zhao: Before the purchase, the salesperson said that the hinge is an imported brand, but when it was installed, it was found to be an unknown brand. The merchant replied that the special product can only use the hinge of the domestic brand.
Expert advice: Hardware is the "bone joint" of the cabinet, and it is also an important sign to distinguish the cabinet.
The price difference between brand-name products and brand-name products is very different. It can be said that it is a penny. When consumers are customizing cabinets, they must be willing to spend money on the point and try to use well-known products. In order to prevent merchants from using accessories that do not conform to the promotion, consumers can ask the merchant to include the brand and specific model of the hardware when signing the contract.
First choose the kitchen brand model
Ms. Li: When designing the cabinet, I deliberately reserved the location of the refrigerator and wanted to achieve the integration effect. But when the refrigerator was delivered to the house, it was discovered that the light considered the width of the refrigerator, and the thickness was forgotten. As a result, the refrigerator protruded in place after the refrigerator was in place, which was very uncoordinated
Expert advice: kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, hoods, stoves, microwave ovens, etc. are best determined before the cabinet design, and tell the designer the size of the "three measurements". In this way, the designer can design according to the needs of the owner. For example, small appliances such as microwave ovens and ovens can be placed in a three-dimensional manner, and the space can be utilized to the greatest extent.

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