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Trend of Kitchen Engineering Design and Decoration
Visit:1727 Date:2019-06-11
The design of the kitchen project should be based on the principle that the process is reasonable, convenient and practical, save labor, improve the working environment of the chef, and do not have to pursue more equipment. There are many kitchen equipments that are useless, which not only causes an increase in investment, but also occupies space on the site, so that the production operation of the kitchen can not be opened, and the unsafeness is increased, and there is no need to blindly pursue the style and fancy. There are several situations in the restaurant now:
One is: when building or renovating the kitchen, the one-sided pursuit of design renderings is neat, buy equipment to see the sample light weight appearance, the result is that the equipment board bought back is too thin, the quality is too light, the workbench is used as soon as it is used, the stove is burned, The refrigerator heats up accidentally. There are also some devices that look novel and feature advanced, but the real practical value is not high, such as a lot of domestic water hoods, lifting dishes and so on. It is often the withdrawal of construction workers, the withdrawal of hotel building personnel, the acceptance of the chefs complaining, the chef became a slave to the equipment.
The second is: no matter what kind of products are sold in the hotel, the equipment is equipped with a wide range of stoves. It is believed that only with such equipment, the kitchen is advanced. It should be noted that the Cantonese-style stove is matched with the cooking methods and finished products of Cantonese cuisine. The general characteristics of Guangzao is that it is fierce, easy to adjust, and well controlled. It is most suitable for the cooking of Cantonese cuisine. But now there are many restaurants that operate Huaiyang cuisine, Haipai cuisine or Hangzhou cuisine. It is really difficult to choose a wide range of chefs. As everyone knows, Huaiyang cuisine is good at stewing, simmering, simmering, and sea-selling vegetables, and it is worthy of relying on merit. This requires the use of stoves with fire eyes and fire. Regardless of these factors, not only the finished flavor and texture are difficult to be authentic, but also the waste of fuel and chef labor is amazing.
Three: As long as it is mentioned to improve the working environment of the chef, the kitchen should be advanced and tidy, and the area will be expanded and the space expanded. Not only that, but also a large kitchen is infinitely separated, each work room is closed to each other, invisible, not refusing, which increases the distance for the chef to carry goods, and it is inconvenient to correlate photos, improve work efficiency, and more likely to cause safety hazards.
Therefore, the kitchen design of the hotel should be closely related to the management style of the catering, fully considering the principles of practicality, durability and convenience. Specifically, it should pay special attention to the following aspects: the ventilation of the kitchen. Regardless of whether the kitchen is equipped with an advanced water hood or even a simple exhaust fan, the most important thing is to create a negative pressure in the kitchen, especially the side dishes and cooking areas. The so-called negative pressure, that is, the amount of air discharged is greater than the amount of fresh air added to the kitchen. This way the kitchen can keep the air fresh. However, while extracting the main fumes from the kitchen, you should not neglect the turbidity and exhaust gas generated by the oven, oven, steamer, steam pot, steam sterilizer, dishwasher, etc., to ensure that all the fumes are not diffused in the kitchen area. Staying.
The kitchen is bright and clear. The design of the restaurant and the Ming Dynasty are the products of the catering industry to a certain period of time. Design the kitchen, the Ming file, at least pay attention to the design should not increase the restaurant's soot, noise and unsightly scenes. Some of them are only suitable for the final stage of production, and there is no need to show them.
Kitchen floor:
      The design and selection of the kitchen floor must not be blindly obeyed and must be carefully determined. The use of red steel bricks is still an effective measure before choosing a new and practical anti-slip floor tile.
Kitchen water and open trench:
       There are many kitchens in the design of the sink (pool), because the equipment is too small, too small, so that the chef has to run far to find the pool, so busy it is difficult to care about cleaning, the kitchen is difficult to believe in service . The open channel of the kitchen is an important passage for kitchen sewage discharge. Some kitchens are too shallow, too rough, or have no height difference, or no organic connection, which makes the kitchen or water connection, or smelly, the kitchen is difficult to dry and clean. Therefore, in the design of the kitchen, we must fully consider the raw material freezing and rinsing, the chef needs to use the water and clean water, and use the single-slot or double-slot pool in the appropriate position to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the food production environment.
Kitchen lighting:
       The lighting of the restaurant is heavy and the lighting of the kitchen is heavy and practical. The practicality here mainly means that there should be enough light in the cooking oven to grasp the color of the dishes; the cutting board should be equipped with bright lights to effectively prevent knife wounds and pursue fine knife work; there should be sufficient light above the dish. , effectively reduce the incorporation of weeds into the restaurant and so on. Kitchen lighting does not have to be as luxurious and elegant as a restaurant, and its layout is neat, but its role must not be ignored.
       Auxiliary design is a necessary complement to enhance the catering function. Auxiliary design mainly refers to the division of catering functions, which is not only a restaurant that directly serves the guests to eat, consume, or a kitchen that is not produced by the vegetable. But without these designs, the restaurant may appear vulgar and even messy; the kitchen production and production will become intermittent and even incomplete. These auxiliary designs mainly include a preparation room and a dishwasher.
       The preparation room is a place where you can open a meal and create a smooth meal. Traditional catering management has not paid enough attention to this design and equipment. Therefore, there have also been many restaurants that are filthy and filthy, and the service of serving vegetables has been lost. The preparation of the preparation room should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. The preparation room should be in the transition zone between the restaurant and the kitchen. In order to facilitate the folder and release of the food folder, it is convenient to inform the orderer, and it is convenient to communicate information such as starting vegetables and stopping vegetables.
2. Double door and double lane between kitchen and dining room. There is a two-door setting between the kitchen and the dining room that really separates the fumes, noise, and temperature. The overlapping arrangement of the two doors in the same direction not only plays the role of 'three compartments', but also obscures the direct view of the kitchen, and effectively solves the problem of several hotel furnishings screens.
3. There must be enough space and equipment in the preparation room
The design and equipment of the dishwashing room can effectively reduce the damage of tableware, ensure the washing and sanitary quality of the tableware in the catering business. The following aspects should be handled in the design:
1. The dishwashing room should be close to the restaurant, kitchen, and strive to be on the same plane as the restaurant. The location of the dishwashing room is close to the dining room and kitchen, making it easy to pass dirty cutlery and kitchen utensils. The dishwashing room is kept on the same floor as the restaurant, mainly to reduce the labor intensity of the staff who transport the tableware. Of course, after a large-scale dining event, the dining car pushes the tableware, which is also a prerequisite.
2. The dishwasher should have reliable disinfection facilities. The dishwasher is not only responsible for cleaning dishes and kitchen utensils, but also for the disinfection of all washing dishes. In the dishwasher room where the tableware is washed by hand, special disinfection facilities must be arranged after washing according to the specific conditions of the hotel's energy and site conditions. After disinfection, wipe the dishes with a clean cloth for use in restaurants and kitchens.
3. The washing and drying effect of the dishwashing room should be good. Whether it is setting up, installing advanced cleaning, disinfection in the dishwasher of the dishwasher, or hand washing, the steam-sterilized dishwasher will generate water vapor, hot air and steam during the washing operation. If these gases are not pumped out in time, it will not only affect the operation of the dishwasher, but also cause the water in the washed and even dried tableware to reappear, and will flow back to the restaurant and kitchen, polluting the surrounding environment. Therefore, effective design must be adopted to effectively solve the problem of ventilation and ventilation in the washing room and create a good environment.
      After reading the above, I believe that everyone has some understanding of kitchen engineering design. Want to know more about kitchen engineering design, please pay attention to Chuangxin kitchen equipment official website! Shenzhen Chuangxin Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of kitchen products and undertakes kitchen equipment engineering. It has professional development, design and technical personnel, skilled engineering installation team and superb maintenance technicians. Follow the avant-garde concept of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, health and advanced.

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