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Design standards for commercial kitchen equipment in hot pot shops?
Visit:1687 Date:2019-06-14
I believe that for some foodies, few people do not like to eat hot pot. For the winter, the best time to eat hot pot, for the hot pot restaurant equipment, some businesses do not know how to design. For the equipment of the hot pot restaurant, be sure to buy some products with better quality, which can effectively reduce the accident. Today, Shenzhen Chuangxin kitchen equipment tells everyone about hot pot commercial kitchen engineering
       First, what kind of kitchen equipment is needed to open a hot pot restaurant, how to design it?
Since the design of each auxiliary system is closely related to the layout scheme of the kitchen, such as the exhaust hood and the flue should be set along with the position of the cooktop, the water and electricity should be properly connected with the equipment. Therefore, after the kitchen layout plan is confirmed, the auxiliary system design is often carried out.
Second, according to the finalized kitchen layout plan, the conceptual design of the auxiliary facilities will be carried out.
The design of water supply and auxiliary facilities (such as trenches, water pipes, valves) is closely related to the location of the equipment. It requires a certain amount of space, and there are technical coordination problems with the decoration. It is beneficial to coordinate the construction as early as possible. Finally, the design of the power supply facility is carried out.
There are contradictions in the construction of ventilation systems for air exhaust, fresh air, etc., air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection, decoration, etc., and the installation location, load, and reserved flue problems with the main building, exhaust emissions, noise, and installation with surrounding buildings. Borrow space and other issues. Therefore, the smoke exhaust system should be designed first, and report to the project management department as soon as possible, and then obtain a detailed technical plan after obtaining approval.
      Shenzhen Chuangxin Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of kitchen products and undertakes kitchen equipment engineering. It has professional development, design and technical personnel, skilled engineering installation team and superb maintenance technicians. Follow the avant-garde concept of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, health and advanced.

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