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Internet intrusion into commercial kitchen equipment industry "after consumption" service is particularly important
Visit:1473 Date:2019-06-14
Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the quality of the service industry of the kitchen equipment industry. In contrast to the current commercial kitchen equipment industry, the after-sales service effect has been very little, especially the rise of the Internet channel, and began to invade the industry. Therefore, commercial kitchen equipment companies must pay attention to the "post-consumer" market, and provide professional and quality services to finally win market opportunities.
Kitchen equipment is a big industry, not only the total amount, but also the number of employees and enterprises, and the demand generated by it. “Small businesses” in large industries are not unusual, and even small sub-sectors can make big brands. For commercial kitchen equipment companies, after-sales maintenance management is related to many factors such as market sales and development strategies, not only related to the operating costs of enterprises, but also the reputation of the brand. It is a great embarrassment for many companies to make great efforts in after-sales but with little success. Internet intrusion into the commercial kitchen equipment industry "post-consumer" service is particularly important
With the invasion of the Internet economy by the Internet economy, “post-consumer” services are even more important. Whether it is finished home building materials or Internet home improvement companies, they are faced with the problem of how online sales can be realized online. Some people in the industry gave reporters an example. Taking kitchenware as an example, the products of the same quality and the same price, the sales cost of the offline store is obviously higher than the online, but the online transportation cost is far higher than the offline. Under the trade-off, the two are almost the same, and the e-commerce channel does not show an advantage. In addition, the e-commerce home brand and the Internet home improvement brand that have emerged in recent years are also facing the problem of who is to transport, install and maintain, and the cost is controlled within a reasonable range. Faced with huge market demand, self-built systems obviously require high costs and long periods. Therefore, it is not unexpected that professional service providers appear.
Companies involved in this segment of the industry, but also from their respective perspectives. Some suppliers are more focused on providing services to upstream enterprises, providing logistics, warehousing, distribution, installation and maintenance services; some companies are preparing to build their own service platforms to serve the entire industry through integration and preferential resource allocation. Either way, it is optimistic about the "post-consumer" market.
It turns out that several changes in other industries come from concerns and solutions to the pain points of consumption. The commercial kitchen equipment after-sales market will offer a variety of possibilities for the innovation of the industry business model, profit model and even development model. Many commercial kitchen equipment companies are optimistic about this market and invest in it, with strong capital support and resource support behind it. The concentration of resources in the commercial kitchen equipment industry is increasingly concentrated. Although such mature platforms have not yet appeared, eventually mature professional service providers will need market precipitation, but for consumers, attention and competition will solve the pain points of consumption.

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