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What about the renovation of the hotel business kitchen project?
Visit:1793 Date:2019-06-14
Hotel business kitchen engineering decoration plays a heavier role in the kitchen project. Although the kitchen decoration has its own advantages, in order to make the kitchen more beautiful, do you know what precautions need to be made in the kitchen decoration?
First, the commercial kitchen engineering decoration has 3 sides, namely wall, top, ground 1, wall tile: the use of commercial kitchen wall tiles is not the same as household tiles, household can choose cool color with colored tiles, but commercial The kitchen generally does not choose the color, the most used is a uniform white, because the hygiene requirements of the food is very strict, so it is recommended to use white tiles. 2, the ground non-slip: the floor of the commercial kitchen should buy non-slip tiles, because the kitchen's soot is very large, anti-slip floor tiles can avoid the kitchen chef's accidental slip, causing accidents, on the one hand can improve work efficiency. 3, the top of the kitchen: the ceiling of the commercial kitchen project should choose the anti-corrosion material, because the kitchen's oil smoke is relatively large, the most commonly used on the market is the aluminum gusset plate, the aluminum gusset material ceiling is better corrosion resistance. of. The size of the use of 600*600 is the mainstream, because it is necessary to consider the maintenance of the top equipment.
Second, the kitchen kitchen decoration waterproof can not be ignored 1, the design of the open groove to ensure the straightness of the open ditch and reasonable slope. This way, sewage discharge can be smoothed. 2, the kitchen ditch is generally used for tiles, but also with stainless steel for full welding.
Third, the commercial kitchen engineering circuit must be done 1, the first voltage load should be sufficient, otherwise it will always affect the operation of the entire kitchen and the efficiency of the food, affecting guests to eat. 2, stove equipment and large power equipment must be single control switch, to prevent a road out of power, other circuits can not be used!
Fourth, commercial kitchen lighting should choose the right one, the kitchen exhaust hood light must have an explosion-proof box, so as to avoid the danger of lamp explosion, the kitchen staff with explosion-proof box is safe and secure. The color of the kitchen interior lighting should be white, and the white light helps the chef to have a good grasp of the color of the dish, which can ensure the beauty of the dish is the color.
Fifth, the renovation costs need to be cautious, misunderstanding and low prices to talk about the cost, many people only consider the purchase price, regardless of other, in fact, this is not comprehensive, resulting in a large after-effects, should be considered from the following aspects. (1) The purchase price, the price of the factory or the store's calibration (2) the installation cost, which is an engineering fee, which is often estimated based on the purchase price of the equipment. (3) Freight, insurance and packaging costs. In this case, free shipping and self-pay will vary greatly (4) repair costs. This includes the length of the warranty period and whether the parts are replaced free of charge during the warranty period (5) fundraising fees. This includes interest on loans or loans (6) operating costs. This includes the manpower, material and training costs of the new equipment when it is used.
6. Safety and Sanitation Kitchen equipment should take into account the safety of the operator and the protection devices that prevent various accidents, such as automatic power off, automatic shutdown, automatic alarm and grounding wire. In terms of hygiene, the inner wall should be made of stainless steel, and it is strictly forbidden to use galvanized sheets or paint on the inner wall of the equipment.
7. Easy to use The staff of the restaurant is highly mobile, and the kitchen staff is not highly educated. Try to use more convenient equipment.
Eight, energy-saving As the state's regulation of emissions and other regulations is growing, energy-saving has become the mainstream. Equipment with good energy-saving performance is mainly characterized by high thermal efficiency, high energy efficiency and low energy consumption.

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