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How many tips to choose a range hood?
Visit:2149 Date:2019-06-17
Here are some tips for picking up the range hoods to help you stay away from the fumes and enjoy the fresh kitchen air!

More health and more Continental Chinese style competition
For the cooking habits of food and beverage types, it should be matched with different types of range hoods. If it is a Chinese restaurant, it is usually fried and fried, and the soot is relatively heavy. Therefore, the soot is naturally more than the western style. It is recommended to choose a Chinese range hood to suck. The smoke extraction effect is better and the price is relatively cheap.

Like a western restaurant, or a light food, you can choose a European-style range hood. The effect of smoking and exhausting is sufficient, and it is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Choosing a range hood is just as good as using a person. Depending on the type of food and beverage, the configuration is different. Other large kitchens can be determined according to the size of the kitchen utensils in the home. Basically, the wider the model, the more significant the effect of the oil smoke. Good cleaning, grease, no accumulation

Range hoods have to be used for a long time, and regular cleaning is the key, so it is convenient to choose a filter and a shield that are easy to remove. If you don't want to wipe the West wipe every day, you can also refer to whether the model provides the service that the oil net does not need to be cleaned or replaced directly.

Sound impact of the hood
The sound of the range hood during cooking always puts a burden on the chef's ears. In general, the stronger the suction of the range hood, the higher the decibel value. Therefore, it is recommended to try it once before starting, and confirm that the sound emitted during operation can be accepted for purchase, otherwise it will cause harm in the long run.

Note: "Open first and then close", let the cooker hood finish the operation before the fire is turned on. After the fire is turned off, let the cooker hood run for another 10 minutes or so to fully exhaust the fumes; The principle of the window is to ensure that the range hood sucks the fumes and cleans the air into the kitchen to maintain a good breathing environment!

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