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Maintenance of stainless steel cabinet counter
Visit:2199 Date:2019-06-17
The stainless steel cabinet countertops are often cleaned and maintained, which not only prolongs the overall aesthetics and service life of the cabinet, but also effectively ensures the hygiene and safety of the food.
First, the countertops are often kept dry. When cleaning the stainless steel cabinet countertop, use a rag and stainless steel oil. After the first step, pour the stainless steel oil on the rag (note: stainless steel oil can not be used too much, otherwise it will leave traces), then in stainless steel items Wipe back and forth until all stains are removed.
2. After this step is completed, you can take a clean rag and continue to wipe it back and forth on the stainless steel items (note: no need to apply stainless steel oil) until the stainless steel oil is cleaned and the stainless steel items are brightened. Basically, the entire cleaning work is completed. If you still find a flowering phenomenon, you should repeat the above steps immediately, knowing that it is clean.
Third, strictly prevent strong chemicals from contacting the countertops. Such as paint, metal cleaner, stove cleaner, acetone (washing water), strong acid cleaner. If you accidentally come into contact with the above items, immediately rinse the surface with plenty of soapy water. If nail polish is applied, wipe it with an acetone-free detergent (such as alcohol) and rinse with water.
4. Do not allow objects that are too heavy or sharp to directly impact the surface. So as not to cause scratches.
5. Due to different reasons, the table surface has more scratches, or due to the long-term use (1 to 2 years) affecting the appearance, professional and technical personnel can be professionally treated.
The protection of stainless steel actually refers to their daily hygiene. In short, it is necessary to do the cleaning of stainless steel. Most people think that the cleaning of stainless steel is very simple, but carefully observe the stainless steel after cleaning and buy it. In fact, there are big differences, these are caused by not being cleaned.

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