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Dimension Standards Used in Design of Stainless Steel Kitchen Engineering
Visit:2535 Date:2019-06-17
Stainless steel kitchen equipment engineering is a very cumbersome project, especially when the layout design is accurate, in order to ensure the smooth development of the overall kitchen project. Chuangxin kitchen equipment engineering, which integrates equipment, engineering, design, maintenance and after-sales service, will introduce you in detail.
I. Commonly used dimensions and standards for water supply and drainage
1. Faucet: The position of the water inlet is in the water tank, the height from the ground is 500mm, the left heat is cold right, the angle valve is reserved, and the interface is 4 points outer wire;
2. Dishwasher: The water is left in the sink in the sink, and the angle valve is to be installed. The height is 500mm from the ground. The reserved interface is 4 points and the angle valve is installed.
3, the wall of the sink should be in the sink cabinet, the hard PVC is between 250mm and 350mm from the ground, and the elbow is turned upwards by 100mm; the ground is also in the sink cabinet, between 150~200mm; Br /> 4, the dishwasher and the drum washing machine from the water between 400 ~ 600mm, preferably connected to the sink water;
The position of the water meter should be in the sink, which is convenient for reading the watch and opening the cover. The height is between 200 and 300 mm.
Second, the flue mouth and the hood
1. The flue mouth of the European hood should be above the ceiling, the flue of the Chinese hood should be 2000mm away from the ground; the front and rear position should be less than 300mm from the wall; the horizontal distance should be less than 1500mm from the hood;
2, range hood: European distance 2200mm, the socket is inside the sleeve; Chinese 2100mm socket from the ground in the baffle;
3. Refrigerator: The socket is within the range of 200mm on the side of the kitchen cabinet behind the ordinary refrigerator, and is 1200mm away from the ground, in the space at the top of the refrigerator cabinet of the embedded refrigerator (the space within 200mm below the top of the self-standing cabinet).
4, dishwasher: the socket is in the adjacent sink cabinet, 550mm from the ground, and is waterproof; (It is forbidden to design the socket behind the dishwasher, otherwise the dishwasher will not be installed)
5, washing machine: behind the washing machine, use a separate socket from the ground 550mm.
6. The hanging disinfection cabinet socket is located at the lower right of the appliance, 1200mm away from the ground, or designed in the top cabinet above the disinfection cabinet.
7. Oven and embedded disinfection cabinet: the socket is in the cabinet behind or next to the appliance, 550mm away from the ground;
Shenzhen Chuangxin Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of kitchen products and undertakes kitchen equipment engineering. It has professional development, design and technical personnel, skilled engineering installation team and superb maintenance technicians. Follow the avant-garde concept of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, health and advanced.

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