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Safety operation of meat grinder should not be neglected
Visit:1728 Date:2019-06-17
In the kitchen engineering equipment, there is a mechanical equipment that is necessary for the processing of many meat products, that is, the meat grinder. Like sausages, meatballs, etc., this equipment is needed to complete the production. What kind of trapped meatballs are prepared by the chef, which is convenient and quick.
In order to ensure the food safety of food, many manufacturers in the market use stainless steel as raw materials. In the process of making meatballs, safety is also important, and the meat-smashing equipment has a close relationship with the meat products. However, improper operation in the process of ground meat may also cause some problems affecting meat quality. In the case of twisted fat, fat is more difficult to twist than twisted lean meat. If the ratio of fat input to lean meat is the same, it is easy to cause the device to rotate hard. The fat is sticky and it is easy to block the hole, so the amount of input is small. In addition, fat is easily melted in a high temperature environment, so it is necessary to control the temperature of the production process.
Improper operation of the equipment will bring problems to the meat itself, as well as to the safety of the staff and the life of the equipment. How to use to ensure all kinds of safety? First of all, you should pay attention to the use of the meat grinder before each time, you should simply rinse it. This kind of pre-cleaning is to wash away some floating dust inside and outside the machine, on the other hand, it will also make the ground meat. The machine is smoother in later use.
Secondly, in the installation, it should be noted that after each use of the meat grinder, it is best to place the equipment in the form of loose parts in the wooden cabinet, and then wait until it is completely dry before assembling. The cleaning work of the meat grinder is also very technical, disassemble the equipment in the opposite direction, clean out the meat foam or meat pieces inside, and put the machine into the warm water with detergent, using a toothbrush and other tools. Wash all the pieces one by one and finally rinse again with tap water.

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