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Seven Standards for Choosing Kitchen Equipment in Commercial Kitchen Engineering
Visit:1694 Date:2019-06-17
An important part of the commercial kitchen project is the choice of kitchen equipment. The standard for the selection of commercial kitchen equipment is the evaluation of the equipment procurement. The assessment is as many aspects as possible, and the evaluation is based on the proportion of the corresponding evaluation items to avoid unnecessary waste. beyond expectation.
Seven standards help you make choices
I. Considering various costs and expenses
When people think about the cost, people only consider the purchase price. This is extremely incomplete. The resulting troubles are very big. The way to think about the problem comprehensively should be to consider the cost. It includes the following aspects: purchase price, installation cost, freight, insurance and Packaging costs, repair costs, operating costs, etc.
2. Performance and price are proportional to each other
The main thing is to see whether the various technical indicators of the kitchen equipment are consistent with those written on the nameplate. Can you meet the requirements? At the same time, it depends on how long the indicators can last, and the performance and price are directly proportional.
Regarding the performance of the equipment, you can refer to it: look at the state of the actual operation of the equipment; strive for the trial period of the equipment; and understand the user experience and word of mouth of the used equipment.
Safety and sanitation are guaranteed
In terms of safety, kitchen equipment should consider whether the operator is safe to use and has protection against various accidents, such as automatic power off, automatic shutdown, automatic alarm and grounding wire. In terms of hygiene, cooking machinery should be made of materials that do not undergo toxic migration. The inner wall should be made of stainless steel. It is strictly forbidden to use galvanized sheets or paint on the inner wall of the equipment.
4. Easy to use kitchen equipment
The staff of the restaurant is highly mobile, and the education level of the kitchen staff is uneven. Therefore, it is better to use the more convenient kitchen equipment as much as possible, and it can be used and easily repaired without any specific knowledge and technology.
5. Energy saving effect is good, energy consumption is low
As the state's regulation of emissions and other regulations is growing, energy-saving has become a mainstream, energy-efficient kitchen equipment, high thermal efficiency, high energy efficiency, resulting in low energy consumption.
6. Leave room for automation control
In modern restaurants, computer control is imperative, so when purchasing kitchen equipment, you should consider whether it is equipped with a computer control interface to avoid the trouble of equipment control in the future.
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