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Cautions for Use of Coffee Machine in Western Kitchen Equipment
Visit:1847 Date:2019-06-17
What are the precautions for using the Western kitchen equipment coffee machine?
1. Do not use the coffee machine when water is stopped.
2. Before operating the coffee machine, please note that when the boiler pressure indicator reaches the green area (1~1.2bar), the temperature of the steam stick, hot water outlet nozzle and cooking water outlet is very high. Please do not Expose your hands to the vicinity to avoid damage from high temperatures.
3. When pumping the regulator motor, pay attention to whether the water pressure value on the pressure gauge is in the green area (8~10bar).
4, in order to prevent the danger of overheating, please keep the power supply smooth, the ventilation inlet and outlet should not be blocked; the warm cup holder can not cover the towel or the like except the cup plate.
5. The cup must be completely dry before it can be placed on the warm cup holder. Do not place other items on the warm cup holder except the cup.
6. If you do not use the coffee machine for a long time, turn off the power and release the pressure inside the boiler.
7. Any accessories of machinery and equipment should not be brushed with iron wire, steel brush, etc.; it must be carefully scrubbed with a damp cloth.
8. Place a proper amount of coffee powder into the filter cup handle and carefully compact it with a pressure handle. Note: Do not leave the coffee grounds on the edge of the filter bowl, so that no air will enter during the cooking process to reduce the pressure and extend the life of the cooking head gasket.
9. Please insert the filter cup handle into the cooking head when it is seated. Otherwise, the handle will bounce off due to excessive pressure during production.

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