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What matters should we pay attention to when installing kitchen flue?
Visit:1894 Date:2019-06-17
The kitchen is a major part of the food and beverage industry, and the problem with kitchen flue is often annoying. So what are the precautions for the installation of the kitchen equipment engineering flue, how much do you master?
First, the choice of flue is very important
Designed in advance, installed according to the design, there are many problems in the premise, will be avoided in the design.
Second, the secondary flue should not give up easily
Another situation is caused by everyone avoiding trouble, that is, the installation and use of the auxiliary flue is abandoned, and the construction process is considered to be simpler and faster. But often because of this, it can cause problems with the emission of smoke. After all, the design of related products also has its own scientific nature, so it is recommended that you do not easily change or even abandon the installation and use of the secondary flue.
Third, the details must be handled well
In fact, the details are very important. Whether it is the installation position and angle of the range hood, or even the length of the pipe, etc., it is likely to affect the discharge of smoke. If you want a better smoke extraction effect, then choose a quality hood, which is installed by a professional master. These are all steps.
Fourth, the flue check gate
When installing the kitchen flue, be sure to install a check gate. Although some hoods will contain such a check gate, the effect will not be too obvious, and installing a check gate on the flue can prevent it. The soot is returned, so that the range hood can be well protected.
Many of the conveniences that everyone thinks at the moment may not be convenient in later use, so there must be no opportunistic circumstances.
But it doesn't matter, Chuangxin kitchen equipment engineering integrates equipment, engineering and design into one, choose us, worry!

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