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Water tank

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Water tank
Large Water Tank Equipment
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Product Name: Large stainless steel water tank
Product Description:
1, beautiful appearance, beautiful.
2, the water quality is good, there is no secondary pollution.
3, the inside of the water tank is equipped with lacing, which solves the pressure problem of the extra large capacity water tank.
4, long service life. The plate is stamped at one time (the pressure capacity of the stamped plate is 3~4 times that of the ordinary plate), and the welding is all argon arc welding.
5, on-site assembly, convenient construction.
Mainly applicable to building water supply tanks: including domestic water tanks, fire water tanks, storage water tanks, expansion of heating systems, condensate tanks, building construction, road construction, geological surveys and temporary water tanks for national defense projects. The water tank not only stores cold water, but also stores hot water. It is resistant to acid, alkali, non-permeability, no leakage, no deformation and no corrosion.
Selection instructions
1. The size of the water tank, the position of the nozzle, the position of the opening and the diameter of the pipe should be provided when ordering.
2. It is preferred to use a storage temperature of 4-65 ° C. When the storage temperature is higher than this value, it can be submitted at the time of ordering and will be solved separately.
3. The weight of the water tank to the ground shall be determined by the structural designer.
Installation and acceptance
1. When installing, leave a maintenance passage of not less than 600 mm between the cabinet and the wall. The top of the box and the bottom of the box are not less than 500 meters.
2. The cement foundation should be done first during the civil construction.
3. After assembly, close the outlet pipe and the drain pipe, open the water pipe, check the water until the water is filled, and the water is not allowed to pass for 24 hours.

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