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Water tank

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Water tank
Water tank equipment
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Product Name: No negative pressure water supply equipment
Product Description:
It adopts advanced microprocessor control technology, automatic variable frequency speed control technology and steady flow anti-negative pressure technology to form a fully automatic laminated steady flow water supply system, which is widely used in pollution-free secondary water supply of high-rise buildings.
1. The pipe network is superimposed on water supply, effectively utilizing the pressure of the municipal pipe network.
2, with anti-negative pressure module, anti-backflow device.
3, the equipment frequency conversion operation, mutual standby, timing switching.
4. The pressure of the water supply pipe network is constant, and the whole system is energy efficient.
5. Health and environmental protection, no secondary pollution of water quality.
  Working principle
  No negative pressure pipe network pressurized water supply equipment. The device consists of a steady flow compensator, no negative pressure booster, pressure control, flow monitoring device, pressurized pump set, intelligent control system, no negative pressure control system, stainless steel complete piping system, and control of user instrument components. composition.

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